Monday, December 20, 2010

Blessed Francis Patrizzi (1266 to May 26, 1328)

  "Snowy nights and Christmas lights, Icy windowpanes,
   Make me wish that we could be together again
   And the windy winter avenues just don't seem the same
   And the Christmas carols sound like blues,
   But the choir is not to blame."
                                    (Jim Croce)

   My great grandmother would wait until Palm Sunday each year to reconcile with family or friends she may have had a fallen out with. By simply handing someone palms was a gesture that meant things were forgiven.
   How many of us have cut ties with a person this year and would we really want them in our lives again? It seems that at Christmas, we often forget the real reason we've parted ways. Why not start small? Invite one person back into your life. I'll do the same and begin with my own family.
   Blessed Francis Patrizzi is the patron of reconciliation. He was born in Siena in 1266 and became a member of the Servites after hearing a speech by Blessed Ambrose Sansedoni.
   Blessed Francis Patrizzi could solve any kind of problem through meditation. He died on May 26, 1328 and is buried in the Church of Santa Maria de Servi in Siena. He was beatified in 1743.

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