Wednesday, December 8, 2010

St. Hubertus (c.656 to May 30, 727)

   Like out of a children's picture book, I pulled up to my house last night and there on the lawn was the most majestic deer with the largest antlers I'd ever seen. It looked like a reindeer you'd see with Santa Claus and it walked quietly across the street to eat some apples that had fall from a tree.
   This was exciting since I'd just finished Christmas shopping and the carols that were playing in the department store were still in my head. It was a magical moment to spot a creature that represents the "lure to adventures."
  "Move gently into new areas. Practical pursuits bring surprising rewards," read a blurb in my animal symbolism book.
  St. Hubertus is often shown as a huntsmen adoring a deer with a crucifix between its antlers. He was born in Toulouse, France c.656.
  St. Hubertus loved to hunt and the legend is that as he was chasing a deer on Good Friday morning, he saw a vision of a crucifix between its antlers. Then, a voice cried out that if St. Hubertus didn't turn to God and live a holy life, he'd go to hell.
  So, when his wife died giving birth to their son, St. Hubertus gave the baby to his brother and entered the priesthood. He was the first bishop of Liege and his friend and spiritual advisor was St. Lambert.
  St. Hubertus died in Tervuren, Belgium on May 30, 727.  He is the patron saint of hunters and his feast day is Nov. 3. 

(Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception!)

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