Wednesday, December 22, 2010

St. Deochar (8th century)

  "...and it might be pleasant to them to remember upon Christmas Day, who made lame beggars walk and blind men see."           
(Charles Dickens)

   My friend, Nancy, is an artist who specializes in intricate bead work and is a well known member of a local Indian tribe. Her art requires excellent vision, so three years ago, when she was almost legally blind as a result of an intestinal disease, she was devastated.
  Her friend is an acupunturist to international celebrities and lives in Paris, France. And Nancy thought she had nothing to lose by seeing her (excuse the pun) for treatment, although she was apprehensive about the whole idea of it.  
   "I thought God was playing tricks on me," Nancy said after the treatment. "I could see again and wasn't even wearing my glasses."
  When she returned to her doctor in the United States, he was baffled. He had never seen anything like it. She was cured.
  What Nancy experienced was a miracle. And, sometimes, miracles happen to those who don't believe. Her faith was restored although she's not sure if it was the acupunture or God that helped her.
  There are many patron saints of eye disease, blind people, and eye patients, with St. Lucy being the most notable. It doesn't matter who you invoke, they will work just the same.
  St. Deochar was born in 8th century Bavaria. He found peace living alone in the forests. A Benedictine monk and the first abbot of Herriedon Abbey, he is responsible for healing a young boy's blindness. St. Deochar is a patron saint of blind people and eye patients. He died in 847 and his feast day is July 7.

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