Saturday, January 30, 2010

St. Hyacinth Mariscotti (1585 to Jan. 30, 1640)

Even bad girls can become saints. Just look at St. Hyacinth Mariscotti who was born in Viterbo, Italy in 1585. St. Hyacinth Mariscotti's sister married the man she loved which some accounts say was the reason she became a nun of the Third Order of Francis. Other documentation notes that St. Hyacinth Mariscotti was placed in a monastic life because of her troublesome nature. In other words, she was forced to become religious.
Yet even though she became a nun, St. Hyacinth Mariscotti received and paid for visits of pleasure and lived a life of luxury. Eventually, she made a public confession of her faults. With that, she discarded her beautiful garments, wore an old habit, and went barefoot. St. Hyacinth Mariscotti scolded her body with severe scourging. When there was a plague outbreak, she devoted her time to helping the ill. She died on Jan. 30, 1640. Canonized: 1807.

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