Saturday, April 17, 2010

St. Charles Borromeo (Oct. 2, 1538 to Nov. 3, 1584)

I grew up in a place with an abundance of apple orchards. Every Sunday in autumn, we'd go for a ride to buy apples in my dad's 1960s Volkswagen Beetle.
Yet, the patron said of apple orchards, St. Charles Borromeo, is buried in a place far from my small town. He's in the Duomo in Milan, Italy, a building I climbed in 1991 (all 919 steps of the stone, spiral staircase to reach the top.)
St. Charles Borromeo was born in Novara, Italy on Oct. 2, 1538 and is called the Apostle of the Council of Trent. His life's work was to bring reform and lapsed Roman Catholics to the church.
He died on Nov. 3, 1584 in Milan. His feast day is Nov. 4.
And, what a dramatic view of Milan and the Alps from atop the Duomo. There were at least 3,400 statues (the gargoyles were amazing) including the gold Madonna at the top and 135 spires.
Can I think of a more beautiful place to be? Well, maybe equally as beautiful: an autumn day as a child in my yard, raking and playing in the leaves, enjoying wheel barrel rides, and eating a crisp, sharp Smithfield apple.

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