Sunday, October 10, 2010

St. Andronicus (239 to c.304)

  After walking a secluded beach this morning, in search of horseshoe crabs to send to a friend in Alaska, who has never seen them in person, I found my own treasure imbedded in the dirt in the parking lot. Lying face down. for who knows how long, was a sterling silver link bracelet with semi-precious aquamarine-colored stones. Perfect for a person born in March (that's me).
  The island attracts daytrippers, so it wasn't like I could post an advertisement in the newspaper with hopes that owner of the sterling silver bracelet would see it.  My interpretation is that I was searching for a "gift" for a friend and, in turn, found my own . Give and you shall receive.
  St. Andronicus is the patron saint of silversmiths. He was born in 239. He was arrested, mauled by animals, and then tortured by Roman soldiers. St. Andronicus died c.304 during the persecutions of Diocletian and Maximian. His feast day is Oct. 11.

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