Saturday, October 9, 2010

St. Deusdedit ( ? to c.836)

   My friend, the state poet laureate, went through a tough divorce during the past two years, and, still, she plugs along immersed in new projects and activities, always welcoming others to share in her life.
  It's something that we can learn by. If you are feeling alone or misunderstood or think you can't go on, find an outlet that you are most comfortable with and that will help release the pain. Write poems or music, go for walks, mentor, or just do something to help another person. Find peace within yourself. And then, celebrate.
  The saints that were martyred endured more pain and suffering than any of us can imagine. Now they are here to help if you need of guidance. All you have to do is pray to them.
  Today is the feast St. Deusdedit, a martyr. He was a Benedictine abbot at the abbey at Monte Cassino in Italy. He was imprisoned by Sigardus of Benevento, a nobleman, who tried to get the other monks to hand over monastery funds.
  St. Deusdedit died of hunger and abuse c.836.

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