Thursday, October 14, 2010

St. Angadrisma (615 to 695)

        "Having money is like being a blond. It is more fun but not vital."
                                                                                          (Mary Quant)

   I love to be told that I look nice. Who doesn't appreciate a compliment every once in a while? Of course, we all know it's what's inside the person that counts. Still, I do notice that many times it's the least physically attractive people that tend to laugh outlandishly or tell dirty jokes or do something to draw attention to themselves, and it works. All eyes are on them.
   In the case of St. Angadrisma, looks really did matter. And, that worked to her advantage. She was born in 615 and it was her wish to become a nun. Yet, it was arranged as such that she would wed St. Ansbert of Chausey.
  St. Angadrisma had the idea to pray and pray and pray that she would be allowed to pursue her dream job and contracted disfiguring leprosy just long enough for St. Ansbert of Chausey to find another woman to marry.
  The legend goes that once the wedding vows were taken, St. Angadrisma's leprosy disappeared. Now, free to do as she pleased, she studied under St. Omer and her cousin, St. Iaambert, in preparation for work. Then, she became the abbess of  the Benedictine monastery in Arver, France.
  St. Angadrima's story is one of happily ever after. By purposely losing the guy, she lived on her own terms as an independent woman until her death in 695. Her feast day is today.

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