Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Giuseppe Moscati (July 25, 1880 to April 12, 1927)

   "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."  (William James)

   My friend Melissa's husband went into the hospital Sunday with breathing problems from asthma. He's been hooked up to oxygen for several days. They are a young couple with an 18-month-old daughter. Melissa works long hours and with all that's going she still remains calm and positive.
  Unfortunately, sometimes we have to see another person's problems in order to put our own lives into perspective. Then, we can be thankful for what we have.  But, it shouldn't be that way.
  Melissa said she's confident that the doctors know what they're doing and that her husband is in good hands.  All she can do now is pray.
  For me, it brings to mind St. Giuseppe Moscati, a medical doctor who also performed miracles.He was the first modern day physician to be canonized a saint in 1987.
  St. Giuseppe Moscati was born in Benevento, Italy on July 25, 1880 to a wealthy family. He was one of the first doctors to experiment with the use of insulin for diabetics. He also was known for giving his money to the poor to help people that couldn't afford health care.
  St. Giuseppe Moscati's piety and love for humankind would seem unimaginable today. Hard economic times or not, doctors just don't do that today. Some won't even see you unless you have health insurance.
  St. Giuseppe Moscati was also a professor. He died on April 12, 1927 and is a patron saint of physicians. His feast day is Nov. 16.

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