Thursday, November 25, 2010

St. Mary of Egypt (c.344 to c.421)

   It's okay for sex workers to use condoms, according to Pope Benedict XVI, but that doesn't mean prostitution is acceptable. This is to prevent the spread of  HIV and AIDS. It's nice to know he's doing it for the greater good.
   The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex is for married heterosexual couples and artificial contraception is against the rules. In my opinion, Pope Benedict XVI has made a big step in the progress of global health.
   I'm sure St. Mary of Egypt would agree. She is a patron saint of reformed prostitutes. She was born in Egypt c.344 and ran away from home at age 12. Legend states that she was a prostitute and dancer although she didn't always accept money for sexual favors.
  St. Mary of Egypt went to Jerusalem on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, hoping to find customers. She was unable to open the door of the church, overcome with remorse for the way she lived for 17 years. She repented, crossed the River Jordan, and lived as a hermit in the desert for 50 years surviving on berries and whatever else she could find.
  St. Mary of Egypt died in c.421 and her feast day is April 3.

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