Friday, November 19, 2010

St. Margaret the Barefooted (1325 to 1395)

    When you're in a relationship with someone and they tell you it's not their job to pay attention to you, that can truly hurt. And, even worse, if they give you the silent treatment to teach you a lesson, that is abuse.
  But, St. Margaret the Barefooted encountered such behavior most of her married life. She was born in San Severino, Italy in 1325. At age 15 she got married. Her husband verbally abused her for many reasons including her love for the Roman Catholic Church and because she took care of the sick and poor.
  In order to better relate to the people she helped, St. Margaret the Barefooted dressed like a beggar and went shoeless. She died a widow in 1395. Her feast day is Aug. 27 and she is the patron saint of victims of abuse and difficult marriages.

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