Tuesday, February 9, 2010

St. Alto (? to c.760)

I have nothing against Henry David Thoreau, but more than a millenium before he moved into his cabin in the woods, wrote books about it, and earned a cult-like following as a result, St. Alto, lived as a hermit in a modest hut in the wilderness near Augsburg, Germany around 743.
The Irish missionary earned a reputation of self denial and holiness, and when he returned to "civilization" seven years later he founded the Benedictine monastery called Altomunster Abbey in Bavaria. It was dedicated by St. Boniface (the patron saint of Germany who is credited with inventing the Christmas tree) in 750, later attacked by Huns, and restored in 1000.
St. Alto died around 760. His feast day is February 9 and, in his honor, let's reflect on nature, solitude, and living a calm and peaceful life.

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