Sunday, February 7, 2010

St. Juliana of Bologna (? to c.435)

My dad once told me, had he not met my mother, chances are he would have become a priest. Years after she died, he earned a master's degree in theology from Providence College. He still goes to Mass every week and is one of the most religious people I know.
Now, the relationship between St. Juliana of Bologna, Italy and her husband is a whole different story. After giving birth to her fourth child, her husband asked to be freed from the marriage so he could become a priest. Sounds like a nice guy to me!
She agreed but who knows what she was thinking. Did she do something that drove him to celibacy after having four children? Maybe she felt it a blessing that her husband left her for something other than a woman.
Juliana was well liked by St. Ambrose of Milan. She raised her children and devoted the rest of her life to helping the poor. She died in c.435. And, in the end, it was she, not her husband, that became a saint.

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