Saturday, February 6, 2010

St. Dorothy (? to c.311)

St. Dorothy, a virgin martyr, was born c.311. She lived in Caesarea, Cappadocia, and was known for angelic virtue. It is said that parents were martyred before her. When it was time for her execution, a lawyer named Theophilus asked her mockingly to send him apples or roses from the garden she would soon be living in. Just as she was about to die, St. Dorothy began to pray and an angel holding three apples and three roses appeared before her. She sent the angel to Theophilus who upon seeing this became a Christian and was later martyred. St. Dorothy's feast day is February 6. She is the patron saint of horticulture, brewers, and brides.


charles said...

emily lisker was kind enough to alert me to your blog, marilyn. it's wonderful. on the ninth floor of this apartment complex (the regency), resides toto. so i know the real mccoy twice removed. thank you. best, charles eugene patrick sullivan

Marilyn said...

Professor Sullivan, thank you for encouraging me to be a thoughtful & creative writer while I was in your classes. I know that you passed away before I could respond to your post. May you rest in peace.