Saturday, February 13, 2010

St. Joseph of Cupertino (June 17, 1603 to Sept. 18, 1663)

I had a good feeling the other day, when I discovered St. Joseph of Cupertino. When I'm in an airplane, my mantra is safe and happy flight. I repeat it over and over in my head no matter what I'm doing whether it's ordering from the "beverage service," reading a fashion magazine, or making my way to the restroom.
Although I put it out of my head that I'm flying at 35,000 feet and have no control, it seems like the second I forget to think of this chant, there will be turbulence or an unfamiliar noise that frightens the hell out of me. That's when the promises occur, like I will go to church every week if I get off this plane alive, etc.
When the prayer to St. Isidore of Seville got me on my computer last Wednesday, I was gleeful and giddy and couldn't wait for my trip to Oregon in two weeks because I am certain that St. Joseph of Cupertino will be with me the entire way.
He was born in the Kingdom of Naples, near Brindisi, Italy on June 17, 1603. (I actually took the ferry from Brindisi to get Greece back in 1991.) St. Joseph's father died before he was born and because of this he lived a life of modest means.
St. Joseph joined the Franciscan Friars of Minor Conventual and became a priest.
He was blessed with ecstasies and levitations, often floating high into the sky when something spiritual came up in conversation. This continued to happened whether he was serving Mass or walking in a religious procession. He became known as the "Flying Friar" and often hid in embarrassment over it. He was also known to heal the sick.
St. Joseph of Cupertino died on Sept. 18, 1663. Canonization: July 16, 1767.
So, in a week and a half when I hear the overhead compartments click shut and feel the plane taxiing for takeoff, that feeling of entrapment won't be there thanks to 5 mg of valium and a little help from St. Joseph of Cupertino.

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