Friday, February 5, 2010

St. Mel of Ardagh (? to c.488)

With St. Valentine's Day just around the corner, solo ladies listen up. St. Mel of Ardagh might just be your man. He is fast becoming a patron saint of singles, joining the ranks with Saints Benedict Joseph Labre, Agatha, and Raphael.
St. Mel, the nephew of St. Patrick, went with his uncle to Ireland and worked alongside him until he became Bishop of Ardagh. He helped evangelize Ireland and professed St. Brigid as a nun.
For a while, St. Mel lived with his Aunt Lupait which caused tongues to wag with scandalous accusations. Because of this, St. Patrick took it upon himself to investigate the situation. By miraculous means, St. Mel was plowing a field and managed to scoop up a live fish as though it were in the water and Aunt Lupait carried fiery coals without burning herself, they were cleared of any charges. Still, St. Patrick ordered that they live apart to avoid further scandal.
St. Mel died around 488 AD.

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