Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Enda of Aran (? to c.530/535)

St. Enda took one look at the dead body of his bride-to-be and it was too much for him to handle. So, he made a pilgrimage to Rome, Italy and was ordained into priesthood. If that were today, many guys would be in bed with another woman the next night not take a vow of chastity.
He was a warrior and the King of Oriel. The legend is that St. Enda promised his sister St. Fanchea that he would put down his weapons if she found him a young girl from her convent to be his wife. He never met the girl who was selected because she died suddenly. All he saw was a corpse.
St. Enda built churches in Drogheda and the monastery of Killeaney on Aran Mor. He is considered to be on of the founders of monasticism in Ireland.
He said of the Aran Islands "as a necklace of pearls, God has set upon the bosom of the sea." He is the patron saint of Aran Mor.
St. Enda died c.530/535 by the sea. His feast day is March 21.

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