Monday, March 29, 2010

St. Mark the Apostle (1st century AD to April 25, 68)

One of the most exciting times in Italy for me was when I arrived in Piazza di San Marco in Venice, Italy to see Basilica di San Marco.
It was built around 829 as a temporary place to hold the relics of St. Mark the Apostle (also called the Evangelist). The basilica in its present form was built in 1063 and consecrated in 1094.
St. Mark the Apostle was born in the 1st century AD in Judea and is the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament. St. Mark's writings focused on the ministry of Jesus from his baptism to the Resurrection and, most importantly, the last two weeks of his life.
St. Mark died on April 25, 68 in Alexandria, Egypt. Around 829, two Venetian merchants took his relics from Alexandria to Venice. They covered them in pork to prevent Muslims from stealing them. To this day, the relics are in Basilica di San Marco. St. Mark's feast day is April 25.

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