Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Fridianus (? to 588)

Since St. Patrick's Day was yesterday, I thought it would be nice to celebrate a saint who was born in Ireland but is rarely heard of.
St. Fridianus (also known as Frediano) was an Irish prince who took a long pilgrimage to Rome, Italy. He ended up staying in that country and making his home at a hermitage on Mount Pisano which I am certain that I could see from the train when I went to Lucca.
The pope named him a bishop and it is thought that St. Fridianus founded a group of eremitical canons, meaning reclusive priests.
In the above painting by Fra Filippo Lippi, St. Fridianus is on the left and St. Augustine on the right.
St. Fridianus died in 588 and is buried in the church of Saints Frediano and Vincenzo in Lucca. His feast day is March 18.

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