Tuesday, March 2, 2010

St. Matthew the Apostle (First Century Judea)

"Can you come to this telephone booth with me?" a young man in Salerno, Italy asked me as I walked down the street. "I want to call my friend and have you say hello to him. He'll never believe there's someone here from America."
I wondered how he knew I where I was from then looked down at my feet. I was wearing sneakers. Since then, I've worn black sandals every time I've been to Italy. And, I actually did say hello to the guy but not without first getting directions to the Basilica of San Matteo the Apostle.
This time the rosary would be for my Aunt Betty who named my cousin Matthew.
Matthew the Apostle, originally called Levi, wrote the first Gospel. He collected taxes from the Hebrews. His symbol is an angel and feast day is Sept. 21. Canonization: Pre-congregation.

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