Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. Limbania (? to c.1294)

I find that in order for some people to make themselves feel good, they will insult someone else to divert the attention away from their faults.
Call me sensitive, but such was the case this evening when I had neighbors and friends over for an outdoor dinner. A last-minute guest celebrated her birthday two days earlier, so I thought it would be a kind gesture to put a few candles on a slice of cake and present it to her under the beautifully starlit sky.
No sooner had I done that, than two people called me Rain Man and a savant, just because I remembered someone's birthday.
Rather than keep my mouth shut, which is generally what I do when I'm with a group of elders, I asked if I had been an auto mechanic that did awesome precision work or an artist who could mimic a famous painter's masterpieces, would I have been called Rain Main or a savant? Of course not. But, because I have a knack for remembering things that are considered statistical, I was singled out.
Now, I've decided that I'll be a little more selective in remembering someone's birthday because as they say "no good deed goes unpunished."
In fact, today, I would like to acknowledge a very important death.
It is the Feast of the Assumption and also the feast day of St. Limbania.
She was born in Cypria and lived as a Benedictine nun in Genoa, Italy. St. Limbania Church in Genoa is also called Mary's Assumption Church.
She died in 1294.

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