Wednesday, August 4, 2010

St. Tutilo of St. Gall (c.850 to c.915)

The term Renaissance man came about during the Italian Renaissance to describe an intelligent person who excels in a wide variety of subjects or professions. So what do you call a man who was a metalworker, mechanic, musician (who played several instruments), sculptor, poet, painter, and hymnist in the 9th century?
You call him St. Tutilo of St. Gall. Someone that I would have liked to hang out with. He was born in Ireland c.850.
St. Tutilo of St. Gall is described as being burly and powerful. He was also a Benedictine monk who was educated at and made his home at the Abbey of St. Gall in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
What I like most about St. Tutilo of St. Gall is that unlike people today that have many interests as a way of being the center of attention or having their egos stroked, he did not enjoy the limelight. Instead, in his downtime, he preferred solitude. And that is why he's definitely my kind of guy.
St. Tutilo of St. Gall died c.915 and his feast day is March 28.

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