Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blessed James Duckett (? to c.1601)

Why is it that "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Eat Pray Love," both written by divorced women who embark on journeys of self discovery and empowerment, (partially set in Italy) are such successful books?
Could a book written by a single (annulled), hip, fun woman who has already "found herself" and travelled to Italy and other parts of Europe, and is hoping to help people enrich their lives with a spiritual connection to the Roman Catholic faith, be equally as entertaining? Stay tuned.
Blessed James Duckett, who was born in Westmoreland, England, spent much of his life in prison, as a Catholic bookseller and publisher. He was a layman raised as a Protestant and thrown in prison twice for failing to attend services.
One day, while working in London on an apprenticeship, a friend gave him a book about Catholicism. Blessed James Duckett was so impressed with it, that he converted.
He was married with children, but again, was imprisoned. Still, it didn't deter him from continuing to distribute materials about Catholicism to the other inmates.
The only way it could stop was to hang him. That happened c.1601.
Blessed James Duckett was beatified on Dec. 15, 1929. His feast day is April 19 and he is the patron of Catholic booksellers and publishers.

(Happy Birthday, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta!)

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