Sunday, August 22, 2010

St. Benno (1010 to June 16. 1106)

I snuck home from a neighborhood clambake today. The good thing is, I don't think anyone noticed just yet. The bad thing is, it cost $25 to attend.
It's a New England tradition and, at the two other clambakes I attended, the potatoes, sweet corn, and whatever else (in this case, sausages) were not cooked with the seafood. Today, however, everything was prepared together and tasted like fish.
So, I returned to my house for a lunch of garden salad, a baked potato, and pizza flavored goldfish crackers. I also had to wash my hair because the smell of fish was imbedded in it.
The hostess and guests were all very nice. And I got to see more than 10 hummingbirds flying from feeder to feeder which, the more I think of it, was probably worth the price of admission.
But, I have plans to go out tonight and I need time for myself. It seems that I've neglected my own interests which is easy to do when you get caught up in other things.
Since fish has consumed my afternoon, I will acknowledge, St. Benno a patron saint of fishermen. He was born in Hildesheim, Germany in 1010. He was educated in the Abbey of St. Michael. St. Benno was a canon at the Imperial Chapel of Gozlar, Hanover. He was also bishop of Meissen, Germany.
St. Benno died on June 16, 1106. Canonized: 1523. His feast day in June 16.

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