Saturday, August 28, 2010

St. Raymond Nonnatus (1204 to Aug. 31, 1240)

When I was 34-years-old, I found myself in the unfortunate situation of being unwed and pregnant. It happened either just before a breakup with a long-term boyfriend or at the beginning of a relationship with a new guy.
At the same time, out of nowhere, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. So, my priority was taking care of my mother and coming to terms with her death.
Since I had no idea when I conceived, I had to make a choice. I'm not happy to write about this and it took a very long time before I could face the results of my decision. All I can say is that I could not have provided a child with a proper upbringing as a single mother.
After the procedure, I went to my gynecologist for a follow-up exam. He told me that I should be on the birth control pill.
I told him, "I'm never going to have sex again."
Dr. Fink said that because I was young and good looking, he guaranteed that I'd change my mind since I'd most naturally meet someone and fall in love.
Dr. Fink, was a few years younger than myself and I found it odd that whenever he examined me, he'd get embarrassed and his face would turn red. But, the strangest thing was that when he finished his residency at Brown and was going to set up a practice in Florida that he invited me to come along. Although he was physically attractive in an odd sort of way, I declined the offer.
St. Raymond Nonnatus (Raimundo Nonato) is the patron saint of obstetricians/gynecologists. He was born by Caesarean section in 1204 in Portella, Catalonia, Spain. His mother died during his birth, so his name is Latin for "not born."
St. Raymond Nonnatus's family was of Spanish nobility and he was ordained in 1222. He was a member of the Mercedarian Order.
According to legend, the Moors put a hole through his lips with a hot iron and padlocked his mouth shut so he could not preach.
Before and after he died, miracles happened in his name. St. Raymond Nonnatus died in Catalonia on Aug. 31, 1240. His feast day is Aug. 31.

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