Saturday, May 22, 2010

St. Ambrose (339 to April 4, 397)

I believe in power of candles. Green is for money or abundance. Pink is love. Red is seduction or passion. The list goes on.
Whenever my friend, Kristen, was going to pay bills, she'd light her happy home candle and she and her boyfriend, Dave, would never fight. It was an orange candle.
"It's amazing," she'd say to me. "It really works."
Kristen and I would stock up on Crystal Journey herbal magic candles. White Light Books and Grateful Heart were where we'd buy them in Rhode Island. And, although they come with an "anointment" prayer, we'd also say whatever we felt and it still worked.
Kristen and Dave became husband and wife at a National Park in Alberta, Canada, and they are still happily married (thanks, in part, to the candles)!
It doesn't matter what brand of candles you use. What matters is that you believe. Because they do work. I always have candles burning in my home. The flicker is peaceful and it's a good form of meditation. Just remember to trim the wick each time you use one and blow it out when you leave the house or go to sleep.
St. Ambrose is the patron saint of candlemakers. He was born in Trier, Germany in 339. He became a bishop of Milan, Italy and is the first doctor of the Roman Catholic Church. St. Ambrose died on April 4, 397. His feast day is December 7.

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