Sunday, May 16, 2010

St. Honore (? to May 16, 600)

One of my cousin Dorothy's favorite things about my house was that we could eat all the sweets we wanted. Since candy was one of my mother's favorite things, along with Wise potato chips, there was always an abundance for us to choose from. But, we kids would also go to the Treasure Chest in Centredale, next to Uncle Tony's pizza, to get our fill.
We loved penny candy treats like Mary Janes and Squirrel Nuts, boxes of Black Crows and Juju fruits, shoelace stawberry licorice (and then later Twizzlers), and our favorite drink we would make with crushed up fruit flavored Certs.
We were never denied candy except for one day when we broke into the gumball machine and Dorothy got sick.
And, our favorite baked goods were my mom's black midnight chocolate cake with mocha frosting and lemon-filled pudding cupcakes.
When I decided to write about the patron saint of confectioners and bakers, I was quite surprised to find that St. Honore's (St. Honorius) feast day is today, May 16.
It was a one in 365 chance which is pretty amazing!
He was born in Port-le-Grand, France and became bishop of Amiens. Countless bakeries are named for him and the world famous boulevard in Paris. He died on May 16, 600.

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