Saturday, May 15, 2010

St. David (c.500 to March 1, 589)

When I was in seventh grade, I decided that I'd only eat vegetables for the rest of my life. This was because I had to dissect a frog in science class. My classmate did the cutting while I watched. It reminded me of meat so that was it.
That evening, as my mother prepared my favorite hamburgers, I made the announcement that I would never eat meat again.
"That's foolish," my mother said. "A frog looks more like a vegetable."
Maybe she was thinking of a cucumber. But, it didn't matter to me, her reverse psychologically would not work that night. So, for an indefinite amount of time, I restricted my diet to things like white rice, cheese ravioli, salad, and homemade macaroni and cheese. Eventually, the fad wore off and I was back to eating breaded chicken cutlets and roast beef with au jus.
St. David is the patron saint of vegetarians. He was born in Wales c.500. He was a Celtic monk, abbot, and bishop.
St. David died on March 1, 589 and is also the patron saint of Wales. His feast day is March 1.

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