Sunday, May 30, 2010

St. Malo (c.520 to Nov. 15, 621)

As a kid, one of my favorite rerun episodes on the television series "Thriller" was the Remarkable Mrs. Hawk starring Jo Van Fleet and John Carradine. It was based on the Greek myth about the goddess Circe who turned men into pigs.
With my brothers, I memorized most of the lines and the story almost always came to mind whenever I saw a pig in a field or on a farm.
So, it's no wonder that as an adult living across the street from a woman who resides alone with a pig, Mrs. Hawk comes to mind. The most intriguing thing is that on any given day a different guy will go into her house, and I don't recall seeing him again.
"You've been bad today, Audrey," my neighbor often says to her pig as it strolls across the lawn. "There'll be no treats for you. Go back to your pen."
St. Malo, who was born in Wales c.520, is the patron saint of pig keepers. He was baptized by St. Brendan and is the founder of the walled city of Saint Malo, Brittany, France. St. Malo died on Nov. 15, 621 in Archambiac, France. His feast day is Nov. 15.

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