Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blessed Lojze Grozde (May 27, 1923 to Jan. 1, 1943)

Even though I have a bachelor's degree in English and work in a field that requires excellent command of the language, I often find myself lazy about the way I speak or write.
So, I was thrilled to spend time at a beach party last night, with an older woman visiting from Slovenia who has been learning to speak English. Beata said she takes classes a couple of times a week and her teacher is also Slovenian, so it is a challenge to find other people to converse with.
Since I saw Beata last summer her language skills have improved even more and it makes me wish I had learned French or Italian when I was younger.
On June 13, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI beatified Lojze Grozde. He was born in Zgorne Vodale, Slovenia on May 27, 1923.
He was an illegitimate child whose stepfather tried to keep him from seeing his mother. Blessed Lojze Grozde was raised by his aunt. In his teens he joined Catholic Action and the Marian Congregation. He was martyred by Communist partisans on Jan. 1, 1943 and is a patron of Slovenia.

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