Thursday, July 8, 2010

St. Omobono (c. 1120 to Nov. 13, 1197)

During lunch today, I drove to Wickford to my favorite shop, Grateful Heart. It doesn't matter how I feel when I walk in the door, because I know when I go inside, I'll be surrounded by my favorite things, and that makes me happy.
I swear by the candles which I mix and match by color depending on the day, whether it be love, passion, protection, manifesting a miracle, or joy. And I like to go from room to room to find books and pretty things to suit my mood and persona. Am I a nun today or a mermaid or a fairy? Do I want to feel solitude, go to the beach, or wander in the woods?
Jennifer, (a co-owner), showed me the new Grateful Heart "annex" which in addition to the upstairs store is located in the former clock shop at street level. We're the same age and have many common interests and even if I don't see her for months at a time, our conversations pick up right where they left off.
Jennifer is so genuine and so kind. And I'm thankful that her store is a place of refuge for me where I know I can relax and always feel at home. But then it was back outside into a 95-degree day.
St. Omobono (St. Homobonus) is a patron saint of business owners. He was born Omobono Tucenghi in Cremona, Italy c.1120. He was a married layman who was certain that God gave him a job and money (a large inheritance from his father) so that he might help poverty stricken people.
St. Omobono received the Holy Eucharist each day and when he died on Nov. 13, 1197 it was during Mass. He simply put his arms out, so that his body looked like a cross, and he collapsed.
He was so popular that he was canonized only 14 months after he died. St. Omobono's feast day is Nov. 13. His head is preserved in St. Giles Church in Cremona.

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