Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St. Aquilina (281 to June 13, 293)

When my friend Dano was running a sailboat around Point Retreat, near Juneau, Alaska, he saw a catamaran tour boat called "St. Aqualina" (St. Aquilina). At first I thought aqua=water, of course. Upon further examination, I believe the boat was given that name knowing that she can withstand anything!
St. Aquilina was born in Byblos in 281. At age 12, she decided it was time to spread the word of Jesus through teaching. She converted so many people, especially pagan teenagers. And because of this, St. Aquilina was taken to Magistrate Volusian.
After refusing to deny Christ, she was flogged. Given a second chance she stated that neither Magistrate Volusian or the devil could put upon her pain that was stronger than her strength to sustain Christ.
St. Aquilina's body was then torn apart with rakes as sharp as spears and her eardrums were punctured with burning rods. In turn, her brain popped out through her nose.
At this point Magistrate Volusian assumed she was dead, so had her body thrown beyond the city's walls. But, with the help of an angel, St. Aquilina was revived. She went before Magistrate Volusian who ordered her imprisoned and decapitated.
She died on June 13, 293 and feast day is June 13.

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