Sunday, July 4, 2010

St. Zeno of Verona (c.300 to April 12, 371)

At the beach this afternoon, one of my friends said Linda Greenlaw mentioned in her new book that there were six patron saints of fishermen.
I'm no swordfish captain, but I know there are plenty more than a half dozen patron saints of fishermen. Still, I was too engrossed in deeper thoughts, having just read a pocket guide to animal totems.
We had gone on a three-hour sail this morning, so now I was relaxing on the slightly sandy, slighty rocky beach. Just as I was about to nod off, I noticed a handful of starfish in a cluster near the shoreline. I was eager to hike the cliffs back to the car to look up what it meant in my book, but my friends encouraged me to relax and enjoy the sound of the surf, which I did. And, which makes me wonder what it would be like to exist on an island, if only for a year.
Back at the car, I discovered that picking up a starfish is a sign to follow your own path, no matter how rigid, and you will be rewarded. I was ecstatic since I found seven.
So as not to be greedy, I took only three starfish, a spray of unique, dried seaweed, a smooth blue and white pottery piece, and a large periwinkle.
And, when I got home, I confirmed that there are numerous Roman Catholic patron saints of fishermen. St. Zeno of Verona was born in North Africa in c.300. A myth relates that he was abducted at birth and replaced with a demonic changeling.
He moved to Verona, Italy and served as bishop. St. Zeno of Verona died on April 12, 362. His feast day is April 12 and he is a patron saint of fishermen.

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