Monday, September 6, 2010

St. Anne Line (1567 to Feb. 27, 1601)

Whether it's by choice or not, the women I think would make the best mothers, don't have children. They are intelligent, caring individuals with many talents and interests.
In conversation one day, I heard a guy with kids say that people without children are selfish. In my opinion, it's quite the opposite.
When I was in high school, I knew a girl who had a child because she wanted to have something to call her own. One day, a woman told me she had five children because when she got old she'd have someone to take care of her. Yet another person said babies are cute. These are all selfish reasons to have a child, if you ask me.
An ex-boyfriend with children that used to talk about "mothers we'd like to f--k," comment on moms driving SUVs, and look at women in pregnancy magazines. He thought he was making me jealous, since I don't have children. Instead, he was reinforcing that I had nothing in common with him.
St. Anne Line is the patron saint of childless people. She was born in Essex, England in 1567 to a Calvinist family. She converted to Catholicism and married Roger Line.
St. Anne Line ran refuges that were used for hiding priests. When it was discovered, she was hanged on Feb. 27, 1601. She was canonized with the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales in 1970 and her feast day is Oct. 25.


Jere said...

The reason it's selfish to have kids is that if it was really about the kid, you'd adopt one of the many out there with no parents. But people feel the need to have their OWN. So that's selfish.

Not that everyone who has kids is selfish. But if somebody's gonna try to say NOT having kids is selfish--they should adopt before they can say that to someone else.

Marilyn said...

Jere, thank you for posting this comment. I appreciate that you shared your opinion!