Sunday, September 26, 2010

St. Theresa Couderc (Feb. 1, 1805 to Sept. 26, 1885)

 "Let me live by love,
  Let me die of love,
  And let my last heartbeat be an act of perfect love."
                                      (St. Theresa Couderc)

  I couldn't help but notice this weekend that hotels seem to put people in romantic moods. At a party in a hotel conference room, I watched as a matronly middled-aged woman canvassed each table looking for an available guy. Just so happens that a 63-year-old poet friend welcomed her advances. I guess anything goes these days, since he's in the middle of a divorce and has a steady girlfriend on the west coast who was supposed to join him, but couldn't get the time out of work.
  "I want to be famous, like a rock star," he told me when I picked him up from the airport last year for the same music and poetry festival.
   His wish is coming true. And, as I've mentioned before, hand a guy a guitar or have him read poetry (I find it boring) and no matter how rude or ugly he is, it drives some women wild.
  Of course, love can be more than romantic. I'm certain that St. Theresa Couderc wasn't referring to a guy in the quote above. Her love for God was so strong that she devoted her life to him.
  St. Theresa Couderc was born in Le Mas, France on Feb. 1, 1805. She founded the Congregation of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle (better known as the Sisters of Cenacle) in 1826. It began as a mountain hostel for women pilgrims in search of a spiritual retreat.
  St. Theresa Couderc resigned as Mother Superior in 1878. She died on Sept. 26, 1885 in Lyon. Canonized: 1970. Her feast day is today.

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