Tuesday, September 14, 2010

St. Thomas More (Feb. 7, 1478 to July 6, 1535)

"An enchanted world is one that speaks to the soul, to the mysterious depths of the heart and imagination where we find value, love, and union with the world around us. As mystics of many religions have taught, that sense of rapturous union can give a sensation of fulfilment that makes life purposeful and vibrant."
(St. Thomas More)

I was at an outdoor festival a couple of weeks ago and had just finished a second glass of white wine, when I was approached by a politician running for attorney general in my state. It turns out, "Mike" and I grew up on the same street and he was a year behind me in school.
When he asked for my vote, I replied, "I remember when the helicopters used to hover over your yard looking for pot plants."
My comment may have been out of line, but I don't trust politicians and felt "Mike" should know that I did remember him, although not in the highest regard.
Still, his response took me by surprise when he said, "Marilyn, you're absolutely right."
Now, two weeks later, I've had time to think about it. Had I voted in today's primary elections, it would have been for "Mike". It's not his fault he was raised by pot smoking hippies in an unruly environment, and I don't recall him excelling as a student. But, he started off at a community college then graduated from a highly acclaimed university eventually earning a law degree.
The whole time I've known "Mike", he's always been respectful, kind, and never had a bad word to say about anyone. That's more than I can say about myself.
St. Thomas More is the patron saint of politicians and lawyers. He was born in London, England on Feb. 7, 1478. He married and had four children. After being widowed, he married again.
St. Thomas More studied law at Oxford University and was friends with Henry VIII who made him Lord Chancellor in 1529. Several years later he resigned because he didn't agree with Henry's views on marriage and the Pope.
Since St. Thomas More refused to render allegiance to the King as head of the Church of England, he was tried and convicted of treason in 1535. He was beheaded on July 6, 1535. Canonized: 1935.
St. Thomas More's feast day is June 22.

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