Saturday, September 25, 2010

Venerable Matt Talbot (May 2, 1856 to June 7, 1925)

  I ran into my friend, Stephanie, today and before I could even ask how she was doing, she handed me a gift. Inside the small box was a necklace with a Stella Maris medal, black beads, and a toggle closure in the form of a rosary.
  "It reminded me so much of you," Stephanie said.
  Then, she asked me if I would write about Venerable Matt Talbot.
  Since he is not yet a blessed or a saint, he's considered somewhat obscure.
  Venerable Matt Talbot was born on May 2, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland and had 11 siblings. At age 12, he got a job at a wine bottling store and, as a result, developed an alcohol addiction. This went on until he was 28-years-old. Then, Venerable Matt Talbot went to confession and promised to stop drinking for three months.
  After the time was up, he took a lifelong pledge to give up alcohol and he kept that promise.  He went to Mass daily, worked hard as a laborer, and constantly prayed. Venerable Matt Talbot joined the Franciscan Third Order in 1890.
  His bed was a plank and he used a piece of timber for a pillow. He was known for his piety and charity.  Still, it wasn't until his death on June 7, 1925 from a fatal heart attack that people took notice. Perhaps because penitential chains were found on his body.
  Venerable Matt Talbot is buried in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Dublin.  He was venerated on Oct. 3, 1975.

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