Tuesday, September 28, 2010

St. Lorenzo Ruiz ( c.1600 to Sept. 29, 1637)

  Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing, one half of a relationship says "I love you," and the other half doesn't.  When I was a naive 24-year-old, I believed that if someone didn't say it, they were just shy. Now, years later, I'm convinced that if a person doesn't say "I love you," it's that simple: they don't.
  This is not an advice column. It's my way of helping people that I encounter along life's way. And since I began this blog, it's been very anonymous. Only a handful of people I've told know that it's me.
  If you are upset about a relationship you are in or want to be in a relationship, just follow your heart and believe. There is someone out there that will give you the love and appreciation you deserve.
  Today's saint is St. Lorenzo Ruiz. He was born in Binondo, Manila, the Philippines c.1600 to a Chinese father and Filipino mother. He was educated by Dominicans.
  St. Lorenzo Ruiz was an altar boy and he later worked as a calligrapher.  Accused of murder, he sought asylum on a ship with three Dominicans. They went to Japan during the Christian persecution and St. Lorenzo Ruiz stayed with missionaries. In Okinawa, it was discovered that he was a Christian and so he was arrested and taken to Nagasaki.
  St. Lorenzo Ruiz was tortured by being hung from the gallows by his feet and dropped into a pit. He died from suffocation on Sept. 29, 1637.
  He was canonized the first Filipino saint in 1987 and his feast day is Sept. 28.

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