Monday, September 13, 2010

St. Benezet (c.1163 to 1184)

My aunt's friend, Betty, who is a 68-year-old widow, is extremely upset because her 94-year-old boyfriend isn't ready for a serious relationship. He wants to leave his options open.
I could see if the guy were 40-years-old and still sowing his oats. But, what person at that age has the audacity to treat a wonderful woman this way? She's ready, willing, and able to become his wife and he just won't hear it.
Betty is a sweetheart. She always reminded me of a nun, although she is Jewish. I think she met her boyfriend at temple. He currently lives in a nursing home. She has her own house.
I'm not a relationship expert, but I'd like to tell Betty to move on. It's just not worth it. And, this man, whoever he is, will never change. He probably was always a commitment phobic. God forbid if he were married to Betty and then met the "right" woman. He'd have a two good years with the her!
In his honor, I'd like to recognize St. Benezet: a patron saint of bachelors. He was born in Savoy, France c.1163. As a young shepherd boy, a apparition told him to build a bridge at Avignon while an angel tended his sheep.
St. Benezet obliged. In time, he performed at least 18 miracles so that the blind could see, deaf could hear, and crippled could walk.
St. Benezet is also known as St. Benedict the Bridge-Builder and he is the founder of the Bridge-Building Brotherhood. When he died in 1184, he was buried within the Avignon bridge. However, after a flood in 1669 removed part of it, including his coffin, it was discovered that St. Benezet's body was incorrupt. His relics are now in the Celestine church of St. Didier. His feast day is April 14.

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