Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi (1287 to 1367)

My friend, April, who's a renowned psychic medium, suggested I write about "loss" in my blog today and, although I appreciate her advice, what I write about is driven by day to day encounters or random thoughts. Indeed, there are many forms of loss, but how many times can I write about death or dying?
Then, later this evening, when I met my friend, Lily, so I could give her a baby basket filled with gifts (she's due next year), April's energy was around me as the topic of loss came into play.
Lily is always happy and kind despite her many losses including her dad dying on Christmas Eve when she was 8-years-old and that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her child, is no longer in her life.
And, yet, Lily continues on each day, working hard at her job (another loss is that her contract is up soon) and bringing inspiration to those around her through her carefree spirit and enthusiasm for life.
I made a conscious decision not to write about loss and yet it found it's way into my blog anyway.
Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi (also known as Blessed Sibylline of Pavia) is the patron saint of loss of parents and children whose parents are not married. She was born in Pavia, Italy in 1287.
She was orphaned as a baby and adopted by Dominican tertiaries. At age 12, she went blind. After praying to St. Dominic for a cure and never regaining her sight, she decided it was her fate. And so, at age 15, Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi decided to live as a hermit locked away in a cell for the rest of her life.
Her devotion to the Holy Ghost was felt through the many miracles she performed. People made pilgrimages to her cell so that they might be healed.
Blessed Sibyllina Biscossi died in 1367. Her body is incorrupt. Her feast day is March 23 and she was beatified in 1854.

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