Wednesday, September 22, 2010

St. Germaine Cousin (1579 to 1601)

A newborn baby boy was found naked and shivering in an East Boston trashed-filled alleyway two days ago. Abandoned by his 18-year-old mother, neighbors heard his cries late at night.
Since then, the mother was found and she and baby are recovering in Massachusetts General Hospital.
Police are asking that people not point fingers at the teenager because the case is still under investigation. But, how can one not? What she did was deplorable. And even if she does get psychiatric help and is able to keep the baby, she'd probably abuse him in other ways.
St. Germaine Cousin is the patron saint of abandoned children and abuse victims. She was born in Pibrac, France in 1579. Her mother died when she was a baby and her father remarried.
St. Germaine Cousin was openly abused, beaten, and starved by her step family. She slept on a bed a hay in a stable because she was not allowed in the house.
Like the baby in East Boston, she was treated worse than an animal. In time, St. Germaine Cousin found God. He was her only friend and she asked him to keep her safe and to help her not feel hungry.
As I write this, it makes me feel like a pig to think about the abundance of delicious food that I ate today.
St. Germaine Cousin went to daily Mass and the scraps of food she was given, she shared with beggars. She also tended sheep.
By the time her family realized what a wonderful, loving, and faithful person she was, her father found her dead body in the bed of hay. She was 22-years-old.
Forty years later, in 1641, St. Germaine Cousin's body was exhumed. It was incorrupt. She was canonized in 1867 and her feast day is June 15.

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