Friday, September 24, 2010

St. Mungo (c.518 to Jan. 13, 614)

I won't eat salmon, but I will write about its patron, St. Mungo (also known as St. Kentigern).
He was born c.518 in Culross in Fife, Scotland. His mother was a princess and he was raised by St. Serf in a monastery.
At age 25, St. Mungo started work as a missionary at Cathures (modern day Glasgow). Around 540, he became a bishop. St. Mungo moved to Wales and founded a monastery in Llaneluy. He was friends with St. Columba.
Evenutally, St. Mungo returned to Scotland. He is considered the founder of Glasgow. He died there on Jan. 13, 614. St. Mungo is also the patron saint of Glasgow and his feast day is Jan. 13.

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