Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Lady of Loreto

On one of my trips to Italy, I was told that the house in which the Virgin Mary was born was carried by angels from the Holy Land and dropped at its final resting place in Loreto (there were stops in modern day Croatia and Recanati, Italy along the way) around 1295 on the Adriatic coast. The Holy House of Loreto is also where the Annunciation happened.
Angels must abound in Italy because there's a family story that one day when my maternal great grandmother, Crescenza, was a young girl working and singing in the fields in Lazio her future husband, Vincenzo (my great grandfather), stopped in his tracks because she sounded so beautitul he thought it was the voice of an angel.
The Holy House of Loreto has been a popular pilgrimage site for Roman Catholics since the 15th century. It remains sacred to all faiths. The feast of Our Lady of Loreto is Dec. 10.

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