Friday, June 4, 2010

St. Neot (? to July 31, 877)

Astrologically speaking, my sun and moon are in Pisces, the sign of the fishes, which might explain why friends describe me as intuitive, dreamy, and mystical or shy and impractical.
So, as much as I like to look at fish, whether they are swimming in circles around my feet in Key West or lying still in Long Pond, I don't like to eat them having been traumatized at three-years-old. I was at a tuna tournament in Snug Harbor, Rhode Island and I saw tunas sliced open and hanging all pink and gooey.
"What is that?" I asked my parents to which they replied, "It's tuna like you eat in your sandwich."
And just as fish can be intriguing to look at with their often striking colors and unusual forms, so too is their patron saint, according to documentation.
St. Neot, who was a monk and hermit at Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England, stood just four feet tall and was called the pygmy saint. He later moved to Cornwall.
St. Neot's passion was to perform miracles on birds and animals of all kinds. He died on July 31, 877. His feast day is July 31.

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