Wednesday, June 9, 2010

St. Columba (Dec. 7, 521 to June 9, 597)

When Rhode Island was slammed with flooding at the end of March 2010, in my part of the state, the Jonnycake Center Thrift Store in Peace Dale was hit hard by the Saugatucket River. For days, buckets of water were carried out and most of the items for sale were soaked or no longer in sellable condition. I like to buy things there because I know the proceeds go to a good cause.
Part of the Center's mission is help individuals and families who need assistance with food, clothing, and household items. So as much as I feel for all the families in Rhode Island who suffered devastation from the flooding, I was particularly saddened to see what happened to a place like the Jonnycake Center.
St. Columba is the patron saint against flooding. He was born in Gartan, County Donegal, Ireland on Dec. 7, 521. He studied with St. Finian and was one of his 12 students who became the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.
St. Columba was instrumental in revitalizing monasticism and he founded numerous monasteries throughout Ireland.
He died on June 9, 597 in Iona, Scotland. Legend says that he was buried with St. Patrick and St. Brigid in Downpatrick or in a Saul Church with them near Downpatrick. St. Columba is also the patron saint of bookbinders and his feast day is June 9.

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