Monday, June 7, 2010

St. Gotteschalk (? to June 7, 1066)

On what seemed to be an ordinary day, I was in my friend's SUV drinking an iced coffee, making cell phone calls, and doing paperwork while he was getting equipment out of his storage unit.
Then, I stepped out of the vehicle and there he was. I mean, it was. A very large, very green, very regal looking frog. It was like it leapt out of a picture book, minus the crown, and the perfect time for a photo op.
My friend scooped him up and I grabbed the camera.
"Do you know what this means?" I asked as I snapped photos.
"That you've kissed a lot of frogs," he answered.
"It means, that one day I will find my prince," I explained. Symbolism appears in the most exciting ways.
Today just happens to be the feast day of the patron saint of princes. St. Gotteschalk (or Gottschalk) was the son of Udo, the prince of Abrodites. St. Gotteschalk, known as the martyred Prince of Wends, was sent away to the monastic school of St. Michael in Lenzen, Pomerania. He was murdered in that town along with 29 other missionaries on June 7, 1066.

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