Sunday, June 27, 2010

St. Maelruain (? to 792)

Two days ago, I thought I'd stop writing this blog simply because a wave of doubt came over me. I felt like maybe there is nothing after we die and I'm wasting my time.
Perhaps my small contribution of promoting the saints is something that no one cares about, so why bother. That was on Friday.
This morning, I was at my friend Kathleen's and I noticed in a very subtle way that she had some of the religious items that I own. An old St. Francis statue in the yard, a special calendar of the saints and a Brigid Cross, made by our mutual friend, Laura, in the kitchen, and palms twisted into crosses hanging on a door.
Sure, anyone could have these things in their home but, with Kathleen, it meant something to me. Three years ago her husband died unexpectedly, when she was just 41. She could have given up then easily. Yet, her she is still running the family business, playing music, taking care of her house and gardens, and continuing to live a life filled with faith.
So, now I've decided to at least give it one more try. I will believe.
There is no St. Kathleen, but there are many saints with feast days on my friend's birthday, July 7. Kathleen was born in England to Irish parents, so I've chosen St. Maelruain (St. Maolruain), an abbot founder of Ireland.
He was a leader in the monastic movement and is responsible for creating a mythology of Tallaght (County Dublin) where he established a monastery. St. Maelruain died in 792 and is the patron saint of Tallaght.

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