Tuesday, June 1, 2010

St. Rose of Lima (April 20, 1586 to August 24, 1617)

"What is so rare as a day in June?" (James Russell Lowell)

The summertime smell of beach roses is everywhere. When I roll door the car windows on my way to work it provides a welcoming jolt that is healthier than coffee. As I walk along the dunes at Moonstone Beach it reminds me that the piping plovers have returned. At night, their smell is as soothing as lavender mixed in with a cool breeze.
St. Rose of Lima was said to be as beautiful as the flower. She was born Isabel Flores de Oliva on April 20, 1586 in Peru. Not only was she gorgeous but St. Rose of Lima had temptations from the devil. She continued to pray and she overcame them.
St. Rose of Lima died on Aug. 24, 1617. Canonized: 1671 as the first Catholic saint of the Americas.Her feast day is Aug. 23.
It's been said if she hears your prayers a rose will appear to you in one form or another out of nowhere. I was slightly hesitant about believing that until the other day while I thought about her as I was opening my backpack.
When I unzippered a compartment, inside was a brand new rose-shaped votive candle. Funny thing is, I never put it there.

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