Saturday, June 5, 2010

St. Millburga (? to 715/727)

When I go jogging, I find all kinds of things. Sometimes it's jewelry (a butterfly pendant) or money (a $20 bill) but today, I found an even better treasure. The gift of half a robin's egg to match the one on my kitchen windowsill. A beautiful, blue candy-like shell.
What was the newborn creature thinking when it popped out? St. Millburga (St. Mildburh) would know. She communicatead with birds and they listened. She was born in Shropshire, England, to a King (Merewalh) and a saint (Ermenburga).
St. Millburga told birds to stay away from crops and they did. But, she also had special powers over people. As a nun at Wenlock Abbey, she was known as a miracle worker who cured the sick. She died on Feb. 23 between 715 and 727.
St. Millburga's feast day is Feb. 23 and she is a patron saint of birds.
The robin as an animal totem is a giver of love and joy.

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