Monday, June 28, 2010

St. Lillian (? to 852)

"I have something to tell you," my coworker and friend, Kim, said with a smile at my desk this morning.
Before she could show me a ultrasound photo on her iPhone, I said, "Lily is pregnant."
Sure enough, I was right. Lily is a mutual friend and former coworker.
Nearly 18 months ago, we went to a Mexican mystic named Maria for psychic readings in Providence that Kim had told us about. While Lily was in a dark, candlelit room with Maria, I looked through religious products like Our Lady of Guadalupe body wash, St. Barbara dishwashing liquid, and St. Francis of Assisi air freshener in the main store. Everything was written in Spanish, but it was easy enough to figure out and good for a laugh or two.
When Lily's reading was done, she told me all about it (one outlandish thing after another) and concluded with Maria telling her she would have a baby and with whom. But, because the mystic was so religious and had one of the most extensive collections of Roman Catholic memorabilia I'd ever seen, I told Lily it would probably happen.
And, it did. Which opens up the discussion as to why some people can tap into things or have a keen intuition. Should we believe or shouldn't we? Is it a sin to go to religious psychics?
All I know is that we all have the ability to foresee things and that some people are a little more sensitive to it.
Lily's real name is Lillian. There was a St. Lillian (also known as St. Liliosa) who was a laywoman that lived amongst Muslims. She kept her faith to herself for a time, but eventually lived openly as a Christian. This led to her being martyred with her husband St. Felix in Cordoba, Spain in 852.
Her feast day is July 27.

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